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Borla Exhaust
Borla Exhaust Review

 How does the Borla exhaust sound?

   Some questions that I see in automotive forums and in other automotive scenes are"How does the Borla exhaust sound?" and "What does the Borla exhaust review have to say?". That is why I have put this webpage together. To be short and sweet about question number one, people say that this exhaust sytem sound is totaly awesome. "It can't be beat". I have to agree, it does sound incredible. When you throttle down the exhaust system is exciting and head turning. It gives the vehicle a real performance sound that takes the word boring out of your drive to and from work. Those Sunday afternoon drives won't be what they used to be.

Cat Back Borla Exhaust image

What are the borla exhaust reviews?   

   I will answer this question from research I have done for you. Coming from automotive forums and other automotive sites using customer reviews. As a summary I will bulletize these forum comments and customer reviews taking the good points as well as the bad points. You can then decide if the Borla exhaust is good for you.

Borla Exhaust Reviews

Good Points

  • Looks and sounds great. 
  • Makes the six cylinder sound like a powerful eight cylinder. 
  • Sounds great and saves on fuel consumption. 
  • Noticed the extra horsepower right away. 
  • Easy to install. 
  • Excellent craftsmanship. 

Bad Points

   Sorry but I honestly couldn't find a whole lot of bad points on this system in forums or customer reviews. I only found one to say it was pricey but a hundred or more that said the price was great. However it was a negative point so I added it for you.

  • A bit pricey. 
  • Instruction didn't come with the product. 
  • Driverside muffler install was a pain due to welded hanger a little too long. Managed to install with some modification. 

  How is the Borla Exhaust Constructed

  The Cat Back Borla exhaust system is constructed from aerospace-grade T-304 stainless steel. Their mandrel-bent tubing eliminates excessive back-pressure which provides smooth exit for burnt fuel fumes. Its hard to believe the kind of testing Borla puts into their research to create the perfect Borla exhaust and all of its components. Everything from sound research to horsepower output to come up with an exhaust system they believe will outperform all others. They believe in their exhaust systems so much they boast a million mile guarantee they won't rust or crack.

Borla Exhaust Prices 

   I did not include the prices here because with the different vehicle makes and different options available there is are quite a few different prices. Click the Buy button below to get prices for your exact vehicle.


 Important Tip!   Order online and not by telephone to take advantage of the special pricing and promotions. If you are unsure about something and have questions, you can always use the phone after you have ordered to make changes or to ask questions. This way your price will already be locked in and you will be ahead.


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  What is a Borla Cat back exaust system? This is the exhaust from the output side of the catalytic converter all the way back to the exhaust tips. If you wish to get prices for your vehicle and get much more information about the cat back Borla exhaust hit the buy button above. 

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